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Telegraph Hill Records is an independent record label based out of Asbury Park, NJ and New York City, NY. 

Telegraph Hill Records’ mission is to represent and promote the recorded musical interests of unique artists performing regularly around the Jersey Shore, expanding on the legendary Sound of Asbury Park, widening its potential audience through one collective identity. We provide our artists with both focused and individualized professional audio engineering and production services to manifest the artistic vision of our artists and community.

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Joseph Pomarico

Founder and President, Engineer and Producer

Joseph Pomarico

Joseph Pomarico or “Pom” founded Telegraph Hill Records and is the President & Producer. Pom currently works as an in-house engineer/producer for Atlantic Records in NYC. Pom has gotten to be a part of many different projects with artists from every caliber, genre, and variety; learning what it takes to make a successful label. Pom won a Grammy Certificate from The Recording Academy for his work as an engineer on “Best Rap Album” in 2019.

What Pom’s listening to this summer: Jimi Hendrix, Grand Funk Railroad, The Front Bottoms, Crowd Noise: Live from Asbury Park, Anything Live from Woodstock

Matthew Fernicola

Vice President, Arranger and Producer

Matthew Fernicola

Fern has been a key, important, super critical part of Telegraph Hill Records since the start. What would Telegraph be without Fern? I don't know man, what are bagels without cream cheese? I guess you can have a bacon egg and cheese and that's cool but it's just not the same. Fern has helped create our annual events, Parkfest, What A Wonderful Year, and Zeik Dental Jam, while also recording and performing with many different Telegraph bands while also doing all the other tasks that Pom is always asking him to do.

What Fern’s listening to this summer: The Strokes - The New Abnormal, fun. - Aim and Ignite, The Beatles - Rubber Soul, Game of Thrones Soundtrack

Madison Van Houten

Art Department, Director

Madison Van Houten

Madison is Telegraph Hill Records’ Art Director. After four years of art school, she fell into the live music scene through an accidental right swipe and has been designing posters, album covers, and artwork for a wide range of artists in Asbury Park ever since. She keeps Telegraph’s brand in line and makes sure none of the other team members make a bad font choice. In her free time she enjoys going to shows by herself so she can elbow her way to the front of the pit, and riding her bike along the coast.

What Madison’s listening to this summer: Best Coast, The Front Bottoms, Wavves, DaBaby

Jenna Daniels

Digital Marketing, Director

Jenna Daniels

Jenna is Telegraph Hill Records’ Social Media Coordinator and has a huge passion for live music and planning shows. She went to Ramapo College of New Jersey, where she met Pom at her senior seminar class. Jenna started her own event booking business, Elevation Bookings, at the start of this year. You can be sure to find her at a local show meeting others in the industry.

What Jenna’s listening to this summer: Grin & Bear, State Champs, Hamilton Soundtrack, Idle Wave, Bon Iver

Melissa Peterson

Promotional Department, Director

Melissa Peterson

As a die hard music fan with a marketing, PR, event planning and copywriting background to tap into, Melissa picks up whatever projects need attention. She’s also the only team member who remembers what it was like to get concert tickets before the internet. She was skipping school to stand in line for Bowie and Bruce tickets before most of the staff was born and went to the Stone Pony for Southside Johnny and bands like Cats on a Smooth Surface back when Asbury Park wasn’t the safest place for a young lady. She’s proud to be an honorary member of the Jersey Shore community that turned things around and is keeping the music scene moving forward.

What Melissa’s listening to this summer: The Revivalists, Bryan Hansen Band
Scott Bradlee and the Post Modern Jukebox, Lucinda Williams, The Avett Brothers

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