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Ramblewood Parkway

Jarod Clemons and the Late Nights

Ramblewood Parkway

Blues Rock

Ramblewood Parkway

Release Date:


December 25, 2020

Lots of blues/hard rock songs on the compilation. This one has parts with nice buildups, drum rolls and instrumental breaks so it sounds best for a nice intro to the whole playlist. Since the name of the song has “parkway” in it, it sets the scene where someone is driving down the parkway on their way to Asbury for a night out where they experience a typical pre-Coronavirus night in Asbury with live music, going to the bars, walking on the boardwalk, walking down Cookman Ave etc. If there’s any song on here that describes the typical night out in Asbury, it’s this one. That would serve as a great intro to the listener who wants to familiarize themselves with Asbury music/arts/culture/nightlife.


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