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Endless Bummer


Endless Bummer

Release Date:


September 13, 2019

Endless Bummer, which will be released by Telegraph Hill Records, with vinyl distribution by Gruesome Twosome on August 16, 2019, is Lowlight’s second full-length studio LP, and represents the realization of the promise of their earlier releases. The record is a departure for the band, in that most of the songs were written almost entirely while in the studio to focus even further on fostering a collaborative, democratic, and communal environment. The result of this experimentation expands on Lowlight’s use of synthesized textures and intricate poly-rhythms, while remaining grounded in their country-inspired roots. “We tried recording these songs as they were being written,” Derril says, “without putting them through the rigors of live performance first. We're confident enough to try these things now. I feel our songwriting has progressed. We're proud parents.” Dana adds that, “for the first time with this release, we sound like who we were growing up to be all along.”

Describing her inspiration for the lyrics, Renee says, “I had been living in a really small, shitty studio apartment that was very uncomfortable to be in. I was in a toxic situation with a dude and I was also stressed out about making money. My one source of solace living there was a small sliver of the ocean that I could see out the window of my bathroom shower. That’s when I knew I wanted Lowlight to make a summertime record for people to play in Asbury Park in its peak tourist season, on the beach, in the posh bars as well as in our local haunts. I wanted it to sound lush and warm and beautiful. And I wanted it to be very, very sad.”

Musically, Endless Bummer sees Lowlight’s restless sonic experimentation moving further into new territory, such as the incorporation of looped samples on “Horsefoot”, stadium-sized rock on “Coastlines”, and a Pet Sounds-style “more is more” approach to layering sound on tracks like “Every Time”, which Colin describes as their most dynamic song yet, a massive sonic tapestry with “Five drum sets, countless synths, weirdo horns, a loon, it's all in there...”


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