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Alexander Simone and WHODAT? Live Crew



Alexander Simone is a new prolific artists, musician, songwriter hailing from Asbury Park New Jersey. He moved to Jersey and got grounded in music as a youth. Being that he is the grandson of the legendary “Nina Simone”, Simone naturally learned to play the piano coming up in a religious household. Where Simone was pushed to learn music by his Grandmother on his father’s side. She was a pastor who raised and taught him good morals as well as gave him a best of both worlds essence. She pastored a large congregation based out of New Jersey. That’s where Alex naturally learned to play the piano by ear, helping in directing choirs to becoming a full well rounded musician/Musical director, raised with a firm religious foundation that created a discipline at an early age.

Simone was a sponge growing up learning all the music he could, digesting any musical catalogue he can find at the time, it was the sounds of Motown that spoke to his soul. Then hearing the tones of Donny Hathaway, Teddy P, Sam Cooke and other greats Simone came to the conclusion that music was his calling. Alexander started composing his own music and sound at the age of 14. Started Ghostwriting for a family member who had industry connects at the age of 15 and never looked back, to this day Simone has mastered the art of a soulful performance.

Traveling the world sharing his original songs that display his life experiences to date, Simone is an artist who uses his music to encourage, uplift, and reflect the times while writing/producing records of all genres. His lyrics reflect that even thought he understands the perils of the world, he expresses life’s lessons in a way that shows he can and will do something about it. With his down to earth lyrics and catchy hooks Simone’s music touches everyone it reaches. He has been quoted saying. “WHEN THE MUSIC STARTS TO PLAY I LOOSE MYSELF!” He is known to captivate his audience, and they loose their selves in his performance. His unique sound is sure to set him apart from the rest because his music relates to the everyday life situations we go through with love. Along with his band ”WHODAT? Live Crew” this is an experience you don’t wanna miss.

With the legacy of Nina Simone behind him, and a sound that will make you dance, cry, laugh and most of all Wake Up, Live and Love again. Alexander Simone, promises to be someone to keep up with.

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